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An Appointment system is used by this practice to minimise waiting time. However, as it is not possible to predict when emergencies and complex problems may arise, delays may sometimes occur. You will help us keep to time if you:-

• Arrive punctually
• Notify reception of your arrival
• Advise our staff, when booking-in, if you need a long consultation
• Limit the consultation process to the person who has the appointment (One patient per appointment)
For a routine appointment

, it is advisable to ring several working days in advance to ensure that you obtain an appointment at a time suited to you. We encourage you to see the doctor of your choice for your consultations.

For an urgent appointment

, please alert our staff at the time of your call that the problem is of a priority nature, and you will receive an appointment on the day of your call. Patients with an urgent problem will be seen to by a doctor, although this may not be with the doctor usually attended. Subsequent (on-going) care will be available from the doctor of your choice.

For an emergency appointment

, please emphasise your concern to the staff, and you will be further advised.


Consultations outside the practice

Home visits are available for situations of genuine need, or those with certain medical conditions. Should you believe your condition requires a home visit by your doctor, please advise the staff early in the day so that all options may be considered, and disruption to the Practice is minimised.

Nursing Homes and Hostel visits in this area are available to our patients.

Test Results

If your doctor has asked you to have any pathology tests or x-rays your must return for an appointment to discuss these results with your doctor.

 Results will not be given over the telephone.

Access Health Care Consultation Fees

The doctors of this practice strive to provide a service of the highest standard to each patient at all times. Doctors are vocationally registered practitioners, indicating that they are accredited to a high standard and that they are up-to-date in their knowledge.

To practice medicine to the highest standard, we believe that appropriate time should be set aside for each consultation, that staff be experienced and helpful, and that the surgery be well-equipped. If you have a specific cultural backgrounds please advise your doctor so that they can be sympathetic to your cultural needs.

Most of our Doctors will bulk bill children under 16, pensioners and health care card holders. Please check with reception staff at the time of making your appointment. . Holders of D.V.A. will be asked to present their card and sign the assignment form.
All private patients will be asked to pay for their consultation at the time of the consult. Access Health Care is able to claim your rebate through Medicare on your behalf.